5 things you need to know about Gucci’s new $200 shoes

Five things you might not know about the Gucci shoes Gucci is unveiling its new $180 sneakers at the Guiseppe Zanotti fashion show.

The brand will show the new shoes at the Milanese fashion show on Feb. 11.

The shoes are expected to go on sale on April 2.

The new Gucci sneakers are a collaboration between the Italian fashion house and the luxury footwear brand Nike.

The sneakers are expected be unveiled during the Guiznesto event in Milan, Italy, on Feb 19.

The Gucci sneaker series, named after the Italian artist Giuseppe Gucci, has garnered a cult following among designers and sneaker enthusiasts around the world.

The first pair of the Guccis sneakers was unveiled in August, but the brand has since introduced new styles and colors.

The Nike sneakers are an evolution of the brand’s signature sneakers.

The line has since grown into a fashion powerhouse.

In 2017, the brand introduced the Guicemakers, a collection of high-end sneakers that feature high-quality materials.

The latest addition to the Guix sneaker collection will be the “Viking,” a “semi-formal” shoe.

It features a suede upper and leather midsole that look like leather.

The footwear will be available in black, white, blue, grey, and orange.

The “Vikes” are priced at $180, while the “Mister” and “Lucky” versions are priced between $100 and $150.