Adidas introduces new Adidas Sportswear line in partnership with Nike

Adidas has announced a partnership with its former Nike footwear partner in the indoor soccer shoe market.

The deal is set to launch later this year in three Adidas Sportshoes products: Adidas Sportskills 3 and 4, Adidas Sportsol shoes and Adidas Sportfitness footwear.

These three Adidas products are set to be available in the U.S. beginning March 7, 2016.

The announcement was made in the Nike ad agency’s latest earnings call.

Nike has long had an extensive footwear line, including Adidas’ iconic Air Max 1 sneakers, which are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Nike also makes a number of other footwear products, including the Nike Flyknit sneakers, Nike Air Max and the Nike Air X, which were recently updated with a new generation of air-wicking technology.

In a press release, Adidas said the partnership with the former Nike partner would be an opportunity for Adidas to continue to offer a broad range of sports shoes for the growing market for footwear.

“As we grow the world’s population, the demand for shoes continues to grow, and we are pleased to be working with a world-class footwear company to support the growth of the sportswear market,” said Kevin Niederhauser, Chief Brand Officer for Adidas.

“We are excited to see the growth in the world of indoor sports in the coming years and look forward to continuing to support this market.”

The Adidas Sportscores 3 and 6 shoes are set for release this fall.

The Adidas Sport Sol shoes are expected to launch sometime in 2019.