Amazon launches new $499 smartwatch with waterproof design

A new smartwatch by Amazon is going to sell like hotcakes for its $499 price tag.

Amazon Australia, the company’s Australian arm, is launching the $499 Amazon Watch in the US on Wednesday.

The Amazon Watch, which has been designed by a Singapore-based company, is the latest product to be introduced by the company to compete with Apple’s smartwatch lineup.

It’s the first smartwatch to come from Amazon.

The Amazon Watch’s sleek, white body is white and silver with black accents.

Amazon has said that the watch will have a waterproofing rating of at least IP54.

Amazon Watch price: $499 The Amazon Watches waterproof design will feature a sapphire crystal, which absorbs moisture and protects against fingerprints.

A waterproofing strap will also be included.

The watch has a 13-megapixel camera and a 5.1-inch LCD display that displays notifications and the time.

Amazon has also introduced a “sensor fusion” feature in the Amazon Watch that will help the company make better use of the sensors in the watch.

It will also track heart rate, activity and sleep patterns.

The Watch will also include the Amazon CloudKit cloud service, which will allow Amazon to send notifications and other data directly to the device from its cloud.

Amazon announced its partnership with the British-based e-commerce giant last month, allowing it to buy the intellectual property rights for the Amazon Wathes.

The deal allows Amazon to buy Amazon Watch patents and other intellectual property, Amazon said.

Amazon also announced that it will release a $149 Kindle Fire HDX, which is a 5-inch, 128GB smartphone that comes with a 4.8-inch touchscreen.