Apple unveils new Apple Watch app, iOS 11 features

Apple today unveiled a new iOS 11 native app for Apple Watch, iOS 9.3.2, which allows users to quickly find a specific location, browse and add notes to an Apple Watch event or calendar.

The iOS 11 Apple Watch native app has three new features: location search, location search history, and note sharing.

Apple Watch has been a popular Apple Watch accessory for the past few years.

But this is the first time that Apple has brought an app to the watch that also works for iOS 11.

The new native Apple Watch Apple Watch App is now available for iOS and watchOS 4.0.1.

The new native iOS 11 app is the third in a series of iOS 11 watch apps that Apple is releasing on its App Store.

This first two are WatchKit apps for the iPhone and iPad, and Apple’s new App Store app for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is currently only available for Apple’s Mac, and its iOS 11 release was delayed for months.