How to avoid running shoes with bad cushioning

Running shoes are notorious for having bad cushionings and the Italian brand Vessi has come up with a solution to get your feet moving without causing the dreaded ankle cramps.

In an interview with Sportiva, Vessisto boss Luca Cappello explained that the cushions on the shoes were designed to give a ‘breathable, flexible and comfortable fit’. 

Vessi makes the shoes in the Italian city of Genoa but their product is sold in Italy, Germany, Belgium and France. 

The company claims that it can make shoes that are ‘100 per cent breathable, breathable with low elasticity, comfortable, flexible, easy to fit and easy to clean’. 

They claim that the ‘new, comfortable and breathable’ Vessis are also ‘extremely flexible’. 

This is thanks to a ‘very flexible design with three layers’ which is made up of two layers of ‘flexible elastic material’ and two layers with ‘flexy material’. 

The third layer is ‘one-piece rubber, which is really lightweight, yet has great elasticity. 

This makes it possible to make shoes with great flexibility and control without a lot of effort on the part of the wearer.’ 

The ‘new design’ of Vessicoes cushioning means they ‘provide the greatest breathability and breathability with the lowest elasticity and the smallest weight’. 

In fact, the company claims their cushioning ‘works best with shoes with soft, flexible surface’. 

Cappello also mentioned that the shoes ‘provides excellent protection from the elements, even in the winter months, and they’re incredibly easy to wear’. 

As far as cushioning goes, the Vessics cushioning is made out of a ‘material that has a high water resistance, good flexibility and good breathability. 

Vessesi shoes are available in men’s sizes from 12cm to 30cm in men, women’s from 12-28cm in women and men’s from 28-38cm in both men and women. 

They have an assortment of shoes that can be ordered in different colors, sizes and styles.