How to find the best shoe for your body type

The ideal pair of shoes for any athlete depends on a number of factors, including size and style, and if they are made of premium leather or canvas.

So it’s important to understand which shoe you need.

“If you’re a guy, you need a size 7 or 8,” says John Vidal, an orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco who runs the site Shoes and Feet.

“The reason is because they are built to go through your joints and are designed to be flexible.

If they’re made of leather, you might want to get a size 12.”

Vidal is also a big fan of the, which he has reviewed for years.

“Fitbit is a great shoe, but they don’t have the best fit for my hips,” he says.

“They are way too narrow, so they make my hips and shoulders really big.”

You may not need to pay much more, but you’ll need to look for a pair with an extra 3 inches (8 centimeters) of heel, which adds another 10 percent to the total shoe price.

If you are a tall or skinny person, Vidal recommends sizing up, because the additional size will add about an inch (2 centimeters) to the overall height.

And if you’re not tall, you may want to consider a pair of extra-long, flexible shoes, such as the Nike Frees, which are typically $100 to $140.

“I love these shoes,” says Vidal.

“My height has been dropping, and I just need more room for my feet.”

In addition to sizing, Vadal recommends checking the size chart at your local shoe store.

Some brands also offer “fit guides” on their websites that list the proper sizing.

These fit guides are a good starting point to determine if a pair is right for you.

“You need to make sure you’re getting the proper fit for the foot, but the shoe should be a snug fit,” Vidal says.

If the shoe fits, but it’s too big or too tight, it may not be the best choice.

And a shoe with a “small gap” (where the heel is closer to your ankle) may also not be ideal for taller people.

“These fit guides can be helpful,” Vadal says.

But remember, shoes don’t measure everything, so be aware of where the shoes go.

“It’s about how tight they are,” he adds.

“When they’re loose, they’ll feel tight.”