How to store your new shoes

We all love to carry our shoes around with us, but what about storing them?

Do you really need to do that?

If so, here’s what you need to know.

How to Store Your New Shoes 1.

Choose a suitable size You need a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly and can hold up to 5kg of stuff.

They should be about the size of your foot (see our guide to shoes).

You’ll need a shoe with a heel that’s at least 12mm long.

If you’re going to be standing, you’ll need to use a shoe that has an ankle strap or a longer toe box.

For a long distance walk you may also want to look for a shoe made of calf leather.


Select a colour For most people, a dark colour will be the best choice for shoes with a darker finish.

The darker the colour, the more durable the shoes are.

You may also like to consider a lighter colour for a casual style.

If your colour is not dark enough for your style, you can also choose a contrasting colour.

You should also choose shoes that don’t take up too much space in your backpack.


Pick the right colour and materials The colours used for shoes are a reflection of the shoes they’re going into.

You can’t choose a colour and shoe material from the same box and then expect the same result.

You’ll want to check that the shoe you buy is made with the right materials.

For example, the materials of a new pair of black jeans should be of the same type as those of a black or navy jeans.

If possible, check that shoes you buy are also made with good quality leather.

You don’t need to buy shoes that are 100% leather.

Instead, use a combination of leather and synthetic material for the best possible fit.


Buy your shoes from reputable stores There are plenty of independent stores selling new shoes.

The more reputable a company, the better the quality of the materials they use and the materials used to make them.

You won’t need a brand new pair in your closet, but you may want to shop around to see if a local shop will carry your shoes.


Keep your shoes dry If you are storing your shoes in the fridge, you need them to be dry.

They will lose their shape and flexibility as they age.

The best way to store shoes is in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

You will also need to ensure that your shoes aren’t in direct sunlight or heat.

The colour of your shoe is also important.

You need to pick shoes that match your colour, but don’t have the same colour of the lining.

If a shoe is grey, you won’t be able to tell whether it’s wool or synthetic.

You want to buy a pair that is light and airy.


Buy a good quality pair of socks A pair of solid, good quality socks is the best way of keeping your shoes comfortable.

They’ll keep your feet dry, protect your feet and prevent cuts and bruises.

If the shoes you’re buying are made of leather, you may need to replace the sole or the inside of the shoe with synthetic materials.

The shoes should be water resistant, too.


Use a lanyard to hold your shoes If you have a lasso handy, it can be useful to use it to hold the shoes securely.

You might also want the lasso to hold on to your shoes while you walk, but it won’t hurt to get a good lasso or a strap to attach it to your bag.

You could also use the lanyards to hold shoes securely in your hand.

If these are your preferred options, you will want to use the correct size lasso.

It can help to choose a lacing system for your lasso, but make sure it doesn’t put too much pressure on the laces.

If using a lanch, use it at least half way up the lacing, to ensure you have the right length and don’t cut the lanch.


Make sure the lashing system you use is waterproof and doesn’t leak When it comes to lacing your shoes, you don’t want to overdo it.

You’re better off using laces that are water resistant and won’t leak.

If lacing shoes, make sure they’re not slippery or slip when you’re wearing them.


Choose the right shade of footwear For a casual look, a grey colour may be the most appropriate.

You also want your shoes to have a contrasting look, but not too much.

You are also likely to want a pair with a lighter, airy look.

A black or grey pair of jeans is the perfect option.

You shouldn’t buy shoes made of dark grey.

Instead look for shoes that have a lighter grey colour.


Choose what kind of waterproofing material you need To keep your shoes waterproof, you want them to have the correct type of waterproof material.