Jordan shoes sale starts at $1,000

Jordan shoes are back on sale.

The shoe company that is one of the world’s largest sellers of athletic footwear is making the sale for $1 at all outlets.

The sale starts on April 1 and goes through May 31.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing back the Jordan brand to the masses and we can’t wait to see the new generation of Jordan fans as we celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2018,” Jordan CEO Joe Dumars said in a statement.

“As our fans and followers continue to celebrate the 30th Anniversary, we hope to bring the Jordan shoes back in 2018 to be the definitive athletic footwear.”

The sale includes the Jordan 2, Jordan 2 Plus, Jordan 3, Jordan 5 and Jordan 6.

I can’t imagine a better time to pick up a pair of Jordan shoes, said Mike Taggart, an American and sports marketing consultant based in New York City.

“The shoes are still selling like crazy, but they’re actually quite a bit better than they were before.”

I can’t understand why, but I think it’s because people love the shoes, he said.

The sale will start at select retail outlets including the Foot Locker outlet, Foot Locks outlet in New Jersey, FootLocker outlet in Florida, and FootLocks outlet and Jordan’s flagship store in Manhattan.

It will be available for sale at Jordan retail stores across the United States.