New Balance shoes are coming to iOS, Android, and Windows 7

iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9 is the latest version of the popular fitness shoe company’s new smartwatch, the Nike+K.

It introduces several new features, such as support for Apple Pay and new watch faces.

The Nike+ K comes in three styles: a leather version, a carbon version, and a metallic version.

iOS 9 brings new watch face options, including a customizable one for the “likes” tab, a “follow” tab for sharing with your friends, and “favorite” and “reposts” tabs.

You can also share photos and videos from the Nike+.

iOS 9 also adds a new “liking” feature that allows you to share and “liked” updates from your friends and family.

You’ll also be able to sync photos and video from your phone and watch to the Nike+, and watch your friends’ updates on the NikeK.

iOS 10 will allow you to sync your workout to the new Nike+ smartwatch.

The iOS 10 Nike+ app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For a full list of changes and additions in iOS 10, see our iOS 10 FAQ.