Nike to launch new men’s shoes in 2018

Nike will introduce new men-specific shoes in 2019, and they will be made in Japan.

According to the company’s website, the shoes will be based on the new Nike LeBron XC-Style.

The company also unveiled the new models for the 2019 season, including the Air Jordan XI “Men” and the Nike Air Max “Women.”

Nike also said the new men shoes will feature the “nike XC” logo on the tongue.

“The new men shoe launch in 2019 will feature three new designs, all of which will feature an improved and improved version of the Nike XC, which debuted on the men’s basketball shoe earlier this year,” the website reads.

“The Nike XCA, as it’s known, is a shoe that combines the core elements of Nike X and XC with a variety of technology innovations to create the most versatile and efficient shoes for the modern man.”

The Nike LeBron is a pair of shoes that are based on LeBron James’ signature Nike Air Jordan XXI.

The LeBron X is a men’s shoe with a more traditional shape.

Nike has been steadily making changes to its men’s footwear since launching the original LeBron X in late 2015.

Nike announced that it would begin to offer men’s-specific sneakers in 2019.