No Bull Shoes Storage in Australia? –

A man in Queensland was horrified to find a huge amount of Bull Shoes in his home after a man tried to buy them for him, but he found them were “stuffed” inside the cabinets and cabinets were covered in plastic. reporter Peter Walshe discovered the storage cabinets had “a few” boxes of Bull shoes in them.

“I looked through the bins and saw about 30 Bull shoes and one baggie,” Mr Walsle said.

“They were stuffed inside cabinets and the cabinets were filled with plastic.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mr Walston said he was shocked by the amount of bull shoes in the bins, but said he would “never” buy them again.

“It’s disgusting, but you can’t see it and you can never see the box or the bags inside the cabinet,” he said.

Mr Waltings said he contacted the Australian Bull Shoes Association, who said they had been contacted by a man who had been selling them to him and his wife.

“We got a reply from the owner of the bin, who was shocked to hear the story and said it was disgusting,” Mr Wetzel said.

But Mr Watshels said he didn’t want to put the bins out of his mind, and he was planning to sell the Bull shoes.

“The last thing I would ever do is put them out of my mind,” he told

“My wife is in a wheelchair and they’re not good for her.”

“My main concern is my family, and that’s where the fear comes from,” Mr Wolssle said of the bins.

“If someone puts something out of their mind, it’s a lot more likely that it’s going to happen again.”

“It is very upsetting and I am going to take it very seriously and it’s not going to go away, and if I can help someone who has a need, I will.”

The ABI’s response to Mr Walsh’s story said it “did not receive a complaint from Mr Waling, nor did it receive any written complaints regarding the bins from anyone”.

Mr Wallsle said he wanted to see a change in the law to make it illegal to sell or give away bull shoes.

The Australian Bull shoe Association said it believed the bins were a “misuse” and it was “time for our laws to catch up with our behaviour”.

“It would be extremely irresponsible of anyone to sell these items, as they are a common sight in our community, but it is very difficult to get a hold of the owners of these bins as they’re often hidden in boxes of other items,” it said.