Shoe Depot has opened its first store in the city

Next Big Futures has announced that shoe depot will open its first outlet in the City of Melbourne, and will be located on the third floor of the Melbourne Central Market, at the intersection of Flinders Street and Flinders Quay.

“We’re delighted to be joining the local shoe industry in the CBD,” said Scott Kibbey, CEO of Next Big, the global footwear company behind the Next Big Store and other stores around the world.

“The Melbourne market is one of the biggest in the world and our aim is to bring more affordable fashion to people all over the world.”

In its first year, Next Big stores will be in all five categories: shoe, boots, accessories, shoes, and footwear and accessories.

“Next Big’s flagship store will be our first in Melbourne,” Mr Kibbek said.

“The store is built on the foundation of a strong retail network, and our team has a strong track record of delivering high-quality, affordable products.”

A new boutique shoe store and shoe depot in Melbourne, next to a shoe stall in Flinders Square, will be opened by Next Big store in 2019.

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