The Essential Collection 2 is out now, and it’s all about the design

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The Essential collection was announced as the new line of shoes, which started on October 15th.

It was the first time that the Essential Collection line had been out at once, and they’re currently on sale at $179.99.

The shoes are made from a premium leather called D’Agostino, which is made by a plant in the UK, but is sourced from France, which has more expensive leathers.

The leather is a natural-looking tanish green, but it’s actually a dark-colored brown, so it’s a more natural colour for a pair of shoes.

The D’agostino in the Essential collection looks like a real tan.

It’s very dark, like an indigo-green, but there’s also a hint of pink on the bottom of the shoe, which the Essential’s designers say gives the shoes a more subtle colour palette.

The shoe itself has a soft, silky texture.

I didn’t find that the shoe was a bit stiff, and I also found the leathers were a bit soft.

It felt very good to me, and the shoes looked a bit good in person.

The stitching on the shoe’s back is very crisp, and when you pull the leather, the stitching looks good.

The drapes on the back of the shoes also felt good.

I found the draping on the sole to be quite good, as it didn’t get in the way of the stitching on my foot.

The only drawback I noticed was that the lace on the heel of the Essential line has a gap at the heel, which makes it harder to find the perfect fit for the heel.

If you’re a bit more tall, the gap is more of a plus.

However, for someone shorter than me, it’s still a plus, as I found it easier to find a perfect fit on my feet than the shoe on the Essential.

The best part of the collection is the price.

The first pair I bought for myself, I had to shell out $250, and there’s no way I’m ever going to have to spend that much on shoes again.

I don’t see this being a problem for most people, and if you’re looking for a very basic, yet practical, pair of boots that you can buy for $180-$260, you’ll probably find it at a very affordable price.

It also has a nice, durable, waterproof sole that makes it really comfortable.

I’d recommend the Essential to anyone looking for something lightweight and comfortable that doesn’t require a whole lot of cleat space, and a bit of padding at the back for added support.

It doesn’t have a lot of options for straps, but the Essential does have a wide selection of different designs, including three different calf straps.

The two main options are the Velcro strap that’s included with the shoes, or the foam-backed strap that I reviewed earlier this year.

The foam-back strap has a great look, and has a good stretch, and feels very secure.

It comes in two different lengths, which are really easy to get comfortable with, and come in a variety of colours.

The strap is very comfortable and versatile, but I would recommend it over the velcro strap for the same reason.

The main advantage of the velocrop strap is that it can be worn with shoes that aren’t designed for them, like running shoes, because the foam padding at your toes doesn’t make it uncomfortable.

It has a wider range of colours than the velculop strap, but since the velcrop strap has the same material as the Veloce, I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are looking for more coverage.

If, however, you do want to be able to wear the Essential with running shoes because you don’t want to wear them with a pair you already have, the foam strap is probably the best option.

The downside of the Velocrop is that, for me, the strap doesn’t stretch very well.

I would still recommend the veloce over the foam, but if you do end up needing more stretch, you can also choose the Veloloce.

The other option for me is the Premium strap, which also comes in three different lengths.

This strap is much better for longer boots that are designed for the sole, and because it’s designed for those boots, it has a more comfortable, comfortable strap.

It is a little more expensive than the Velonce, but for people who want more coverage, the Premium is worth it.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been disappointed by the quality of shoes that I’ve seen, I’d have about $300 left over for shoes.

For the most part, I’m not a huge fan of the leather that the shoes are based on