The first Apple Watch looks like it’s ready for the wild ride

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Apple, Google and Microsoft are planning a global conference call tomorrow, and today’s press event is no different.

Apple is holding a conference call on the third day of the conference, with Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking to analysts and media.

Cook says the company is “looking forward to the big reveal on Wednesday.”

He says Apple has plans to launch a “big new product, the next iPhone,” and that “a new product is coming in the fall.”

We are looking forward to announcing that product in the coming days, but we are not yet ready to say more.

We’ll let you know more as it becomes available.

Cook is also taking questions from the audience during the call.

Here are the most notable ones.

Question: You have said before that the “big reveal” is coming this week, but the date has been kept under wraps.

Is there any specific date you’re hoping to announce?

Cook: I can’t say.

That’s not for me to say.

You will see what we announce on Wednesday.

You’ll see how we’re going to make this thing.

Question : I hear you’re looking at the upcoming iPhone 8.

Are you ready to talk about that?

Cook : I’m excited to show you what we’re working on, and the next great product we’re bringing to market.

And we’ve got a lot of great products that we’re developing.

And I’m going to be able to share that.

Question #2: Is the next generation of iPhone X just going to change the look and feel of your new iPhone?

Cook and other Apple executives are already talking about the new look and design.

But is the iPhone X going to give Apple a bigger, more impressive iPhone than the iPhone 8?

Cook is already saying the phone will be bigger.

Question#3: The iPhone X is going to include “a lot of new technology,” and “a much larger display.”

Is Apple going to get some new software updates for its iOS software in the next year?

Cook has already talked about new features in the iPhone lineup that are coming to iOS 9.

Cook says the iOS software update will “come soon.”

Question #4: Are you excited about a new Apple TV?

Cook says it’s “exciting.”

It will be the first Apple TV.

Question about Apple’s earnings conference call: Apple will announce its results tomorrow.