The latest footwear for men and women

Shoe shelves are a good place to start when shopping for shoes, but the same can’t be said for women.

The best way to find women’s footwear for everyday wear is to look for quality, affordable brands, says Lauren Hahn, co-founder and head of brand research at Women’s Wear Daily.

“I’m definitely not going to go into detail, but there’s a lot of good quality, high-quality shoes out there,” Hahn says.

“We’ve had a few that we’ve been really impressed with.”

Read more about shoe selection in women’s shoes » Women’s shoe prices and styles can be difficult to pinpoint and often vary from one brand to another, says Karen Jonsson, an associate professor of marketing at Rutgers University.

The good news is that women’s shoe sales have been on the rise in recent years, she says, pointing to the resurgence of Nike and Reebok.

Hahn suggests looking for a company’s quality as well as a company that offers a variety of styles.

“Women’s footwear is a bit more expensive than men’s,” she says.

Jonson says she would suggest looking for shoes that are low-maintenance and have a cushioned fit.

She also recommends buying shoes with minimal padding or padding on the toes.

She recommends looking for low-top sneakers, which tend to be cheaper.

“If you’re a high-end shoe person, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to look at those shoes and make your decision,” Jonsin says.

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