Two-story shoe storage cabinet turns a tiny house into a multi-story mansion

The most basic storage container for small homes is an old shoe closet.

You can’t have an apartment without one, after all.

And it can get a little overwhelming to try and find one that fits your needs.

But now, a tiny home designer has turned a closet into a home, complete with a tiny kitchen, a living room, and a garage.

The house, which she called The Lazy Home, is a project that also features a bathroom, kitchen, and even a bedroom.

You’ll need to find the space you need in the tiny home yourself, but the designers found that a tiny space is one of the easiest ways to build something new, sustainable, and comfortable.

They built it in three stages.

First, they made a small shed in the kitchen, then a small garage and storage space in the garage, and finally a kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Here’s a closer look at the tiny house from The Laxly Home’s creators: