U.S. volleyball player named as missing after helicopter crash

A U.K. man is recovering from a helicopter crash that killed his father.

The family of Zachary “Zach” O’Connor said they are grateful to the emergency responders who found the father of three at the crash site near St. George, Utah, on Tuesday.

They said his son was one of five people killed in the crash.

Zach O’Connor’s father, Zachary O’Connors, was found on a beach in St. Helena, Utah.

He was uninjured and expected to survive, his brother said.

Zack was the oldest of five children and the oldest brother.

The elder O’Connells was a U.N. peacekeeper and served as a liaison between the United Nations and various peacekeeping forces in Africa.

The father of five, Zach was born in the U. S. to a U to N soldier.

Zach graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a doctorate in international relations in 2001.