Valentino’s latest shoes look great, but we’ll be seeing a lot more of them

It is a fitting end to the valentino era.

Valentinos most famous creations include the shoes with which he won the Golden Globe in 1962 and 1964.

But the brand has never been a household name.

Now the company that once made the shoes in Milan, has been bought by Swiss jewellery giant, Valens.

The company is making the shoes for Valens, which is known for making the most premium jewellery, including the world’s most expensive watch, the Citizen Valen. 

This is the first time that the Valens family has been sold by a foreign company.

Valens said in a statement that it was a “difficult and painful” sale but it was also a decision that was necessary.

“The Valens’ will continue to be a world-class jewellery brand, one of the world´s leading producers and suppliers of handbags, handbags accessories, and watches, and we have a deep commitment to our brand’s long-term success,” it said. 

The family business, Valen, is the parent company of Valens Watch Company, which was founded in 1934.

The family business also owns the Valen Watch Factory, which makes watches. 

In a statement, Valene said it was “devastated” by the news of the sale.

“We have lost a world class brand that has inspired generations of designers, artists and consumers.

We have long admired the great work that the team at Valens has done and are looking forward to the continued growth of the brand,” it added. 

The sale comes as Valens watches become increasingly sought after. “

Valens will remain a global force in the jewellery market and a global partner for global and domestic buyers.” 

The sale comes as Valens watches become increasingly sought after.

Valen has made a series of jewellery acquisitions, including watches from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Hermès. 

Earlier this month, Valentines first-ever sale of a watch in Milan was reported. 

Valentines last jewellery sale in Milan On Monday, Valents first ever sale of jewelled watches in Milan sold out within minutes. 

Image: Instagram Valens first ever jewelled watch sale Image Valen said it sold a large number of jewellers watches at Valen’s first ever ever jewellery sales in Milan. 

A huge number of Valentine’s watches, made by the company’s designers, will be sold in the Valentini’s new jewellery factory, which opened in December. 

At the time, the jeweller’s association, Valinas association, welcomed the news. 

However, the Valins said it would continue to work to sell the watches in the Italian city. 

It said it had already sold a number of watches at the Valente, including one made by Louis Vuittons designers, one made in collaboration with the watchmaker, and two by the Italian watchmaker ValensWatch Factory. 

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