Wedding Shoes is rated 4.9 by 1,971 users


Wedding Shoes – $19.99 – 5.5 stars.

I love how this shoe is a perfect fit.

It has a good fit and has a nice smooth surface.

I like how the leather is quite thick and durable.

The leather on this shoe seems to be thicker than the other shoes.

I really like how it has a rounded toe and heel.

The heel is very comfortable.

This shoe has a high heel cap, which allows for extra cushioning.

The shoe has an upper that is padded, which is nice for those who want extra cushion in the heel.

This is a great shoe for those with a smaller foot size.

I do wish the strap on the back of the shoe was a little tighter and didn’t come undone when walking.

Overall, this is a really good looking shoe.

I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone who wants a solid, well-built, comfortable shoe.

It is definitely worth the money.