What to know about the Saucony shoe stretcher

By Ryan DunleavyAssociated Press – BOSTON (AP) When you get a sore ankle or a sprained ankle, you’re going to want a shoe stretchers to help you along.

The Sauconys shoe stretching system is an effective tool to help stabilize your feet.

The system consists of two small plastic legs attached to a metal base.

The feet are then placed on the stretcher and a rubber foot cushion is placed on top of the feet.

It’s a quick and effective way to get your foot off the ground safely.

A team spokesman says the system is not used at the Olympics but is now in use during the Winter Games.

There are three ways to get on a stretcher: from a team bus or the team hotel, from the stadium, and by air.

The first method is to use the team bus to go from the arena to the hotel.

Once the team buses have departed, they can use the stretchers at the hotel to get onto the bus.

If you want to go to the stadium and get on the bus, you’ll need to buy a ticket.

To get on, you can use a wheelchair.

The second method is by air, a way to transfer between venues and venues.

Air travel to and from the Games is free, so you can travel in comfort on your own.

Air transportation to and fro the Games costs around $1,000.

The third method is via the bus and air.

There are several types of shoe stretcheers in use.

Some have wheels, some are made of plastic, some have a foot cushion, some even have a seat for a stretchers seat, but the most common stretcher is the Saucoys shoe.

They are available in all sizes from standard to the heaviest.

The shoe stretchery system was designed for people who wear orthopedic or ankle shoes, but can also be used for other types of footwear such as sandals, sneakers, and sandals.

The seat is designed to fit the foot.

If a foot needs to be moved from one shoe to another, you simply use the foot cushion.

The rubber foot cover has a seat on top, so it doesn’t take up much space.

The straps are attached to the foot to hold the feet in place while the foot is being transported.

There are about 100 of these stretcher systems in use at the Winter Olympics.

They can be purchased from companies such as Team Sauconyk, Sauco, and Team Sauco Shoes, as well as the teams themselves.

They usually cost between $250 and $600 each.

Some companies even offer a special “sauco” version for teams who want to get rid of the team logos, as it can make the shoes look more like the team’s uniforms.

Some teams are already using the Saucos shoe strether system during their games.

For example, Team USA and the United States women’s basketball team have used the system in Sochi to help them stay on the court during the games.

It was not clear if they were using the system at the games in Rio.

Team USA coach Lisa Leslie said the system works best for players who are more active, because they are more likely to get injured while playing basketball.

“If you’re not active, you might be in a lot of pain,” she said.

“If you’ve got a knee injury, that can be very painful.”