What to know about the Trump administration’s budget request for the Justice Department

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Thursday that his committee will release a blueprint for the Trump White House on Friday that he said could offer the first look at the budget request that is expected to be released next week. 

The committee’s report, scheduled for release Thursday, is expected in the form of a draft, which Chaffetz said he hopes will be more “formidable” than the committee’s version. 

Chaffetz also said that the committee would release a draft of its budget proposal to the public, and that it would not reveal the details of the plan until the White House’s proposal is presented to Congress.

Chaffetts report will outline the administration’s priorities for the next fiscal year and the next budget year.

The report is expected within weeks.

Chicketz also promised to provide a timeline for the release of the draft budget plan, which is expected next week, as well as an update on his investigation into the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, which has been in the news since former FBI Chief Andrew McCabe stepped down as acting director of the bureau in February. 

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee issued a report detailing the firing and firing of FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was ousted after a public outcry over the Comey firing. 

A former federal prosecutor, McCabe was fired after it was discovered that he exchanged information with his boss, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCarthy, and his wife, who worked at the law firm that hired McCabe. 

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have criticized the firing as politically motivated, and Trump has repeatedly questioned the integrity of the FBI investigation.