What to watch on Apple Watch 2 and Watch Series 3 (iPhone, iPad)

TechCrunch | Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 – The Apple Watch has seen a lot of success in the Apple Watch community, but what about Series 2?

Apple Watch owners are getting a few things for their trouble, and the Apple Pencil is one of them.

We’re not saying the Apple watch has lost any of its original design and features, but the Apple pencil is definitely not on the list of accessories.

While the ApplePencil is currently only available in the United States, it will be available to everyone at some point in the future.

This new accessory will allow users to write, draw, and even use the Applewatch with a stylus.

Apple Pencillers are currently available at most major retailers and will be on sale to all Apple Watch users at some time during the summer of 2020.

Apple Watch accessories are coming soon, and we look forward to seeing them all!