When LeBron James’ shoes are the next big thing in women’s tennis

LACOSTE, Italy — LeBron James’ new shoe line is the next generation of men’s tennis shoes, according to his new wife, Gisele Bündchen.

The shoe line, launched on Thursday, features an updated design and color palette.

It is a shoe line designed for athletes who want to get in the game in a new way and for men who want a more comfortable and supportive shoe that can go with a more casual look.

“I think it is a great way for him to become a better athlete and a better human being,” Bünchen told AFP.

“It is not just the shoes, it is also his lifestyle and his personality.”

The shoe company, which is based in Bologna, Italy, is taking a cue from the style of the shoe and its style of footwear, a company spokesman said.

The new LeBron James shoe line includes a new design for men, a color palette and a new color for women.

The company’s website says the new LeBron “is the ultimate in sports performance footwear, delivering maximum support and comfort.”

“The new shoe also has a new colour palette, and the new sole, the LeBron III,” the company said in a statement.

It says it will sell about 4,000 pairs a day, and will sell out in two weeks.