When Nike kicks off the Nike+ shoe lineup

NIKOLA, South Africa (Reuters) – Nike said on Tuesday it would launch a line of premium, Nike+ shoes, but without details about prices, or a release date.

The line, to be called Nike+ Ultra Boost, will include sneakers from the likes of Adidas, Burberry and Nike, with the first pair set to be launched in 2019.

The Nike+ name is used to brand products made by the company that are made with the technology, and is also used for footwear and apparel, including shoes and socks, said Nike Chief Executive Officer Dan Yerger.

The shoes will be priced from $180 to $299.

They will include the shoes of Nike’s most popular athlete, basketball star Kevin Durant.

“The Ultra Boosts will be designed for athletes and casual consumers alike who are looking for a new way to elevate their sneakers,” Yergers said in a statement.

“They will be made of premium materials and feature an iconic Nike logo on the heel, the signature shoe cap and on the tongue, a signature logo on each shoe.”

We are excited to bring the Nike Ultra Boost to market in 2019, with a full line of sneakers and apparel,” he said.

Nike+ shoes have been the company’s biggest seller so far this year, accounting for 40 percent of all sales, Yerges said.

Last year, the company said it had sold over $1 billion in sneakers, apparel and accessories, the most ever.