When Nike’s ‘Puma’ golf shoe hits the market, Adidas will have to make some changes

On Saturday, Adidas and Nike announced the launch of the “Puma” golf shoe.

It was a partnership between the two brands, and it seems like a nice way to end an era.

The shoe was announced on a pair of Adidas shoes in China, which are still selling for the same price as the Nike sneakers, according to a report from Business Insider.

Adidas said it will introduce “Pumas” in the coming months in more markets, including China, Brazil, and the United States.

The shoes are expected to be available by the end of the year.

In a press release, the companies said the shoe will feature a new “Flexible Design” that will allow the shoe to be worn with a variety of different styles.

“The new ‘Pumasi’ golf is an evolution of the classic Puma model,” Adidas said.

“It features a new design that provides the athlete with a new and innovative way to play golf, without sacrificing the power of the golf ball.

The innovative Flexible Design also enables the player to change the style of the shoe by adjusting the height of the heel, or by adding a different color for the sole and heel plate.”

The shoes will also feature the “V” branding, which Nike also uses.

Adidas’ “V,” logo on the sole, and Adidas’ logo on heelplate The shoes can be worn on either a golf or a skateboard.

They also will come in “classic” and “modern” styles, according a release from the brands.

Nike and Adidas are launching their “Pumps” shoe on the same day, with the Nike Pump and the Adidas Pump released separately.

Nike said the new models will be available for the next five years, with both models priced at $130, $140, and $180.

The “Pump” is Nike’s flagship golf shoe, and “Pummels” are the shoe models for skateboarders.

Both models will launch this spring, and are expected in stores by the time summer rolls around.