Which pair of shoes have you tried for the most fun?

Kyrie Irving shoes, a pair of the NBA star’s signature sneakers, have been popular enough to make their own “best of” list.

The list is topped with the sneakers of Kyrie’s own signature, and it’s a top three list to boot.

Here are the sneakers that made the cut.

Kyrie Irving Shoes (Top 3)The Nike Air Yeezy 350 “White” (2015)The shoes of the Cavs’ 2017-18 season were a lot like the rest of their season.

They started with a bang, and they kept going, but they couldn’t keep going without falling off.

A few weeks into the season, Cleveland had a few good wins, and when they finally got some momentum, the Cavs were a little upset by the Golden State Warriors in the first round.

They eventually lost the series.

Kyrerie Irving’s signature sneaker was the Nike Air X350 “White,” which he wears in these photos with the team.

The shoes have a white midsole and black tongue.

The shoe was made by Nike and sold for $299.00 at Nike stores.

The Nike Jordan XI “Nike Free” (2018)The Cavs’ season in 2018 was one of the most successful in NBA history, and in 2017, they did it again with the Nike Jordan X “Nikes Free.”

This Nike shoe was a good-to-great shoe for a number of reasons, but one of them was the fact that it was made exclusively by Nike.

It was also a great shoe for Kyrie, who was an MVP candidate for the team last season.

The Jordan XI Free was a shoe that helped Kyrie continue his rise from a struggling player to a perennial All-Star, and his popularity continued through 2019.

The Nike Free was sold for a record $2,599.95 at Nike shops and was also the top seller on Nike.com.

This Nike Air Jordan XI was one the top sellers for 2017, so Kyrie was able to keep his popularity going.

The sneakers are made by Jordan Brand.

This Nike Air “Noves” is a shoe for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is a Nike Air Free for LeBron James and Kevin Love.

These are the shoes Kyrie wore in 2017.

The Adidas “Lite” (2017)This was Kyrie and LeBron’s first season together, and LeBron was the star of the show.

The Cavs were 9-4, and while the Cavs didn’t win the NBA championship, they made it to the conference finals.

Kyrie averaged a triple-double, scoring 28 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists.

Kyrerie had been averaging 25.7 points per game the year before, and he put up the most points by a rookie player in the history of the game in 2018.

The NBA MVP in 2018, Kyrie won Rookie of the Year.

LeBron won the MVP, as he had for the past three years, as well.

This shoe is the top selling Nike shoe for 2017.

The Adidas “Blue” (2016)This is one of Kyreie’s signature shoes, and the Cavs made it a point to bring the shoe to every home game.

The LeBron James shoe is a favorite for many fans, and that was certainly the case at this year’s home games.

This sneaker is made by Adidas.

This LeBron James “Luxury” sneaker has a blue midsole.

The midsole is made from carbon fiber.

The footbed is carbon fiber and the heel has a polyurethane.

The heel strap is made of plastic.

The toe is made out of leather.

The ankle strap is leather.

This one has a white heel with a blue colorway.

The Jordan “X” (2006)The Jordan X is Kyrie in these images with his family.

The sneaker features a Nike logo on the side, a gold tongue, and black stitching.

This Jordan X sneaker sold for more than $300 at Nike retail stores and is also the best seller in the shoe’s catalog.

The last Nike Air product on this list is the Nike Flyknit “White.”

This shoe was released in 2006.

This is the shoe Kyrie wears on his birthday in these Instagram pictures.

The boots were made by Shoe Carnival, and this shoe is for the LeBron James Nike Air Basketball Shoes.

This shoes is the best selling Nike Air LeBron James sneaker in the shoes catalog.