Why is there water in clown shoes?

The clowns shoes are sooo comfortable…you can actually feel them!

The clown shoes are made of PVC plastic, but the PVC plastic isn’t waterproof.

So what makes the clowns waterproof?

The rubber on the soles is water resistant, but it’s also not waterproof.

The rubber is supposed to stay soft, but not so soft that it’s not able to be removed.

So, the rubber on those clown shoes is water repellent.

But the PVC in those shoes is not waterproof, so you can’t use them as water proof shoes.

But you can wear the clown shoes with your normal, everyday clothes.

So if you want to wear your regular clothes, you can put the clown shorts on.

If you want a pair of clown shoes, put the shoe on.

That’s not water proof.

So the clown shoe’s waterproof, but they’re not waterproof in all cases.

But we’ve put them together for your comfort, which is why we can wear them without water proofing them.

And so what are the other benefits of the clown boots?

You know, they’re made of soft rubber, and they’re super durable.

You can actually walk around with them on.

You know they have a built-in shock absorbing system that helps protect your feet.

They’re waterproof.

And they’re pretty easy to wash.

And, most importantly, they look good.

They have these clown shoes that you can just walk around in.

You don’t have to worry about looking like a total clown or whatever, because they’re just a little bit different.

And it’s kind of cool to look at when you’re out in public.

So they’re actually quite fashionable.

And the ones that we’ve made are very nice looking.

And we’ve gotten lots of people saying they’re really comfortable, that they’re comfortable enough to wear.

And you know, we’ll probably see more clowns boots in the future.

They’ll probably come with a strap to attach to your pants.

So you can get that in the store now.

And that’s probably what we’re most excited about.

We hope to have them available for people to try out.

But at the moment, the price is about $70 a pair, and you can pick them up in the online store, but you’ll need to have a pair.

So that’ll be the only way to go.

If the shoes sell out, we will have to make a small number of pairs available.

So we’d love to have these shoes in stock.

They’ve been making a lot of noise.

We think that they’ll be a really fun product to try.

And if you have any clown boots you would like to see us use, please drop us a line at [email protected]