Why men are buying womens golf shoe

Mules shoes and golf shoes for men are on sale in stores and online.

However, the market for men’s footwear is growing faster than the womens market, which accounts for less than 15 per cent of sales, according to the National Retail Federation.

The NRF’s Women’s Footwear Market Survey found men are shopping for footwear with an average of over 10 pairs, which equates to around $1,400 in value, while women’s footwear average around $400.

“It’s important that men are getting into footwear,” NRF Women’s Head of Retail Services, Rebecca Riddell, said.

“A man’s experience with footwear will be the main drawcard that’s selling them.

It’s a way for him to connect with his heritage and to look his best.”

The NRLW also recommends men’s boots for men be made from materials that are less porous, as well as using durable materials.

Riddll also suggested that men’s shoes for women should be made in a low-profile fashion and be made of soft material to avoid bruising.

“We really don’t want the look to be something that you wear on a daily basis and you’ll never get a chance to look at in a mirror,” she said.

Men’s shoes, according the NRF, are “less durable than womens footwear”.

The most popular styles for men included a wide range of sport shoes with heel and toe caps, boots made of nylon or polyester, boots with heel or toe pads and boots made from a combination of leather, rubber and polyester.

Women’s shoes were mainly made of canvas or leather, with the majority made of leather or nylon.

“They’re also more affordable than womans,” Riddel said.

Women are not as keen to buy men’s tennis shoes, but they are buying more of the sportswear in men’s sizes than women, according a study from Footwear Retail Research.

In the second half of last year, women were buying more tennis shoes than men’s.

However in the first half of the year, men’s sales in women’s shoes grew by 20 per cent.

“There is a lot of pressure on men to go into footwear, especially in a world where there are a lot more women,” said Riddelle.

“Men are now seeing that womens is a more affordable option, and men are also buying more women’s shoe sizes, too.”

Men’s shoes have a different feel, a different look, they’re more comfortable, more supportive and they’re not as vulnerable.